About Us


RainKite Photography is the creative brainchild of Janelle Ringgenberg & Kim Casey.  Since 2007, they have worked together to create a unique approach to photographic art in Kansas City. With a shared interest of turning "time into art," their goal is to build a connection with their clients that transcends into print.  

Both Kim and Janelle live in Lee's Summit, MO. (In fact, they are neighbors who live right around the corner from each other.) 


  • Kim grew up in Arkansas, and she moved to Kansas City in 1996, after graduating from Missouri State University, with a degree in Film Studies. Prior to RainKite she worked in Marketing and Public Relations. She is married with three kids under the age of 11. Kim is slightly obsessed with trashy magazines, red wine, good coffee and memorizing random trivia.
  • Janelle is a native of St. Louis, where she taught the third grade after graduating from Mizzou. Her family relocated to Lee's Summit in 2006 due to a job transfer with her husband's company. She is married and has three young children under the age of 8. Janelle loves to exercise, scope out antique stores, and refinish furniture - but her greatest joys in life are family and friends.


Sometimes people ask, "Who's in charge?" "Who takes the picture." "Who does the editing?"  Great questions! Well, they're both in charge. They both photograph and edit each session. It is a tag-team approach that is truly unique in the photography industry. Their workflow is orchestrated so that they each participate with editing and the photographic process. However, they do have specific roles within the company. Kim handles scheduling, client consultations and orders. Janelle handles billing, vendor relations and office management.