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Tuesday, September 18, 2012
By kim and janelle - the rainkite girls
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Our dear friends Rick and Lisa have added another sweet baby girl to their family! It was just a year ago that we met their oldest daughter Jillian, and now they have another princess in their brood. Introducing Miss Ashlyn...the newest (and cutest) gal in Kansas City! We captured their very first family photo just a few hours after the baby arrived. This special photo session is called the First 48 Hours. It documents a newbown while they are still in the hospital. This type of session is relaxed with a photojournalistic style, and it perfectly captures the cozy moments as you get "to know" your new baby. If you're interested in booking a First 48 Hours, call Kim at 816.560.9047 to check availablity. We only schedule a few per month...and we recommend booking as soon as you find our your pregnant.

Congratulations Rick & Lisa! We wish you a lifetime of butterfly kisses from both of your beautiful daughters.



Wednesday, May 23, 2012
By kim & janelle - the rainkite girls
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It was a magical morning spending time with the little Irish dude: Sweet Baby Declan! What a gorgeous little chunker, with a headful of dark locks. I could have spent days photographing him and his adorable parents. Congratulations Adam & Lauren on your beautiful new son!