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Friday, September 18, 2015
By Kim
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RainKite friends,

I invite you to check out the blog of one of my dear friends, Sally Roeckell…who I met “many moons ago” at a photography conference in Atlanta, back when we were both starting our photography careers.

Recently, Sally started “Table and Dish,” ( which is a lifestyle blog, that features her family’s recipes – that have been pass down through the generations. She is an amazing cook and a wonderful friend. I’m so excited to share her creative beauty with the world.

Sally lives in Chicago, where she works as a stylist, writer, photographer and recipe developer. Her blog is stunning (quite honestly it rivals Martha Stewart), as she shares the adventures of feeding her husband and four hungry children. Check it out today!



P.S. Are you Instagram? Well then…you should follow Sally at @tableanddish.  J

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