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Thursday, July 12, 2012
By kim & janelle - the rainkite girls
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Ok, we just have to say this: "Wow!"  We are beyond blessed to have the most gorgeous clients in town. People always ask us if our subjects are models. The answer is no...everything, everyone on our website is a paying client. (Guess there are a lot of good genes in the KC area, no?) And today, we are sharing one of our most favorite maternity sessions of all time: Trisha & Joe. This lovely couple is expecting twins in the near future...although you wouldn't know it by the svelte frame of the momma-to-be. 

Congrats Trisha and Joe. We can't wait to meet you new little peanuts for their upcoming newborn session! Take care, get some rest, and enjoy that new-car smell while you can. LOL! :)

Best wishes-


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