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Tuesday, February 14, 2012
By kim & janelle
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It's been some time since we've had a chance to blog or Facebook. Quite honestly, after the busy holiday season, we both needed a mental vacation from the tedious details of blogging, etc. We spent the month of January like we always do:  Preparing tax information for our accountant, switching out blog to a new platform (did you notice it's all new? More to come on that!), and saying that we're going to take a break from photography. However that break usually only lasts a few days...because there is always something new to work on. Like this personal post below.

For anyone who knows me (Kim) I'm slightly obsessed with the mail and cards. I mean I {LOVE} the mail. Sometimes I check the mailbox several times a day, just in case a special package arrived. Usually it's always bills...but I'm optimistic. At any rate, my love of mail has transcended into my love of making photo holiday cards (Janelle thinks I'm just plain nuts) but I obsess over my Christmas cards. I usually make 4-5 different designs. And I also make Thanksgiving cards and custom Valentines for my kids' parties at school. 

Below is the mini-session I did with my daughter Finnley for her Valentine Card. She actually hated the session because she quote: "Looked like a nerd with the glasses." But after someone told her she resembled Taylor Swift, it was all good. I'm lucky that my kiddos still let me take their pictures somewhat "pain free." But I know the time is coming when they will absolutely refuse. But for now, I bask in the love from these sweet little images of my special Valentine. 

Wishing you a happy hearts day-