What To Wear:

  • Be coordinating, without matching. 
  • Feel free to mix solids, with patterns, with florals, as long as it's in the same color family.
  • Be bright, colorful, fun in your selections.
  • Google "What to Wear Wednesday" for a plethora of coordinating clothing ideas.
  • Girls, don't forget the hair...please bring headband or hair clip for outdoor sessions to reduce flyaways.
  • Mom, please wear a shoe with a bit of a heel. A slight wedge elongates ankles/legs - and it adds some visual interest to the image.
  • Use accessories for a pop of color! (A fun fedora. Bright, chunky jewelry. Bright shoes.)
  • Please try to avoid capri pants and cap sleeves. Both "chop off" arms/legs - giving the illusion of added weight.
  • Please make sure everyone is wearing chapstick/lipgloss! Chapped lips don't photograph well!
  • Stay away from large logos or text on shirts for adults.
  • If possible, please try to avoid white or pastels. They tend to wash skin out.
  • Rule of thumb, cover skin on adults...long pants and long sleeves tend to be the most forgiving for all bodyshapes and sizes.
Tips for Winter:
  • Dress for the weather. Layer clothing to be warm.
  • Feel free to wear a scarf, knit hat, blazer, hoodie to keep warm.
  • Bring "hunting pocket warmers" to keep fingers and toes toasty.
  • Wear coordinating coats (think classic Pea Coats) for a unique winter look.
  • Bring hot cocoa for warm break during the session.
  • Remember, cold children do not photograph well. If it is too cold, the photographer may ask you to reschedule to ensure the perfect session.