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Because your life is art...

Our single philosophy is to create art from the everyday moments of your life. During a session, we truly engage with our clients and their children. It's fun. It's silly. It's life. Rather than just snapping a formal posed picture, we strive to capture authentic expressions. Each session tells a uniuqe story. And, we believe, this is a step beyond just taking a picture.


About RainKite Photography

RainKite Photography is a small boutique studio that only accepts a limited number of clients each month. We pride ourselves on creating an amazing customer experience from start to finish. Our clients appreciate the intrinsic value of our photographic artwork, as each image produced by RainKite is "hand artworked." Much time and dedication is required both before and after a session to create true custom photography.


Why Invest in Custom Photography?

Because one day the baby will sleep through the night. Because one day, she will tie her own shoes. Because one day, he will leave for college. Because one day, your house will be quiet. Because one day, photographs will be your only reminder of these magical years.

As mothers and photographers we understand that these moments are fleeting. We strive to capture organic emotions and honest relationships. And trust us: One day you will only have memories and photographs. And you will see love.


It's simple. Just be yourself.

When you schedule a session with us, it will be a relaxed event that revolves around your child. We come to your home (or designated location) and use natural light to document your family. Our expertise is a casual, photojournalistic style that strives to capture the true personality of your child. We want to capture you in your natural environment - having fun and truly enjoying each other. And although we always take a few formal poses, most of our images are the stolen moments that define your relationship with your child.


Please note: all images are copyrighted and cannot be copied without consent of the photographer


Copyright notice: Both Janelle and Kim are both members of the Professional Photographers of America organization. This group works tirelessly to protect photographers and their creative property. Please note that all images are copyrighted by RainKite Photography and are protected by Federal law. Please do not use without the photographer's explicit permission.


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